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用于无线和其它网络通信设备的半导体系统方案 Wi-FI 模块 时钟晶振 基于MEMS硅片的时钟方案 为服务器和存储设备,提供端到端的InfiniBand 和以太网互联解决方案 电气产品 NAND闪存 定制微控制器为基础的芯片,集成了传感、处理、 控制和通信功能为一体的单一集成芯片 GPS定位系统参考方案 用于线卡的时钟IC 高精度晶振
Semiconductor system solutions for wireless and other network communications products Wi-Fi Moudle Timing Products of Oscillators MEMS-based silicon solution End-to-end InfiniBand and Ethernet interconnect solutions and services for servers and storage  Electrical Products NAND flash Microcontroller-based chips in custom which integrate functions for sensing, processing, controlling and communicating all into a single device GPS Disciplined References Timing IC for line card High Precision Crystals

We are committed to the promotion and application of global high-tech electronic components in the China market, providing customers with new product promotion, application consulting, technical support, and other aspects of professional services. Our products and services address telecommunications, data communications, home appliances, handheld devices, industry, medical equipment, financial electronics, electronic games, PC and office automation equipment, and other related fields.


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